ESAI Energy Announces NEW Global NGL Study:

A Perfect Storm: 2015 Update

Global Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Market Analysis and Forecast 2013-2024

Study Scope (.pdf)

  • NGL Supply by Component: Field Condensate, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Pentanes/refinery naphtha, Pentanes Plus   
  • NGL Demand by Component: Condensate (field and pentanes plus) , Ethane, Propane, and Butane and Pentanes
  • NGL Demand by Sector: Energy sector (diluent, crude blending, condensate splitters), Petchem sector, Household sector, and Transportation sector
  • Regional Balances by NGL component
  • Industry trends and investments


The boom in shale gas and shale liquids in the United States and the potential for shale development in other countries, especially Canada and Mexico, has completely changed the outlook for natural gas liquids supply in North America. Meanwhile, natural gas supply growth in other parts of the world such as the Persian Gulf and Asia is also contributing to greater volumes of NGLs. Finally, this growth in liquids supply has not gone unnoticed by the petrochemical industry, which continues to grow to meet rising demand in some mature and many emerging economies.

The convergence of rising NGL supply and rising petrochemical demand has created a perfect storm in the global NGL markets, creating challenges and opportunities for the companies operating in these markets. This study seeks to measure the magnitude and geography of the growth in NGL supply and demand, and highlight the main factors driving both.

ESAI Energy’s NGL Research

For several years, ESAI Energy has gathered and synthesized a wide range of public and private information on NGL production and consumption, reconciling often conflicting viewpoints to develop an understanding of the global market for natural gas liquids. A Perfect Storm: Global Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Market Analysis and Forecast 2013-2024 pulls together that research into a coherent explanation of this poorly understood corner of the energy markets. Specifically, the study includes 10 year projections of supply and demand for each component of the natural gas liquids stream – ethane, propane, butane, field naphtha (pentanes) and condensate by region and most major countries.  More broadly, the study outlines the main drivers shaping the markets for each component in a manner that gives the reader a framework for thinking about the future of NGLs.

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